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Newsletter viewer

There are individual browser differences that need to be taken into account when using a pdf viewer in a browser.

Microsoft Edge: To print, right click on the schedule and a pop up menu will appear from which you can print or save.
Font size can be adjusted by holding the Control key down while scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Google Chrome: Move your mouse over the schedule and Print and Download buttons will appear on the top right.
CHROME'S Font sizing buttons are at the very bottom of the schedule. The Control key/mouse wheel combination will also change the font size

Mozilla Firefox:
All print, download and font sizing buttons are at the top of the viewer.

The Control key/mouse wheel combination works with Firefox as well.

Press the Command key (the one with the Apple symbol on it) and while pressed, use the plus (+) key to increase the size or the minus key (-) to decrease it.

To print or download, go to the browser Menu and select File/Save as.. Select the name you want to give it and the location you want it stored to and from there you can print.

You can also save by using the keyboard shortcut of Command+S and the Save as.. screen will appear.