Welcome to the Milton Ulladulla U3A

Welcome to the home page of the Milton Ulladulla University of the Third Age (U3A).

On this site, you will....

- find out about us
- what we stand for
- what we offer

and best of all, the continued quest to better ourselves through socially based intellectual stimulation.

We are an eclectic group of retired and semi-retired people coming from all walks of life who find enjoyment in learning and discussing new and continuing topics while relaxing with others of like mind. Younger people who no longer work full time are also welcome.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us if you're not already a member and participate in one the largest U3As per capita on the continent.

See below for a more detailed background of the Milton Ulladulla U3A.


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U3A presents from 25 to 30 courses per term. The content arises from the tutor's interests. Some courses change term to term. (See more..)

Future Events

upcoming events

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Recent Events

Recent Events

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Background the the Milton Ulladulla U3A

U3A is a community based organisation that provides and presents courses of interest and enrichment for retired and semi-retired people.

Course tutors are drawn from the membership. They volunteer to prepare and present their courses and are not paid. No exams are taken in U3A and no qualifications are given.

An active mind and a network of social relationships are two factors known to delay ageing and to promote a feeling of well-being following a working life.

U3A provides opportunities for learning and social exchange, broadening interests and widening circles of acquaintances and social contacts.

U3A means University of the Third age, the third age being retirement and consolidation after the first age of childhood and the second age of work and home-making.

Most courses with the Milton-Ulladulla U3A take place in the Harry Higgs Room in the Cultural Centre, Milton, between the library and the pharmacy.

Other courses take place in the Ex-servos Club, the Burrill Lake Hall, the Dunn Lewis Centre and in some cases, tutors's own homes.(Please see the Venue Maps for directions)

Courses are held from Monday to Friday for approximately one and a half hours one day a week during school terms.


Costs are kept low with a $20 annual membership fee ensuring that the member receives the U3A Newsletter and Timetable each term. After that the first course per term costs $10, the second costs $5 and the third and following courses cost nothing at all.

MU3A Course Types

Milton-Ulladulla U3A presents from 25 to 30 courses per term. The content arises from the tutor's interests.

Some courses change from term to term while other courses, e.g. foreign languages, are ongoing. Some examples of courses presented by Milton-Ulladulla U3A are:-

☉ Geology, Astronomy and sciences
☉ Western and Eastern Philosophy
☉ History and Cultural Insights
☉ Current Affairs
☉ Music and Film Appreciation
☉ Foreign Languages
☉ Writing Life History
☉ Drawing, Painting
☉ Quilting, Leadlighting
☉ Computing (ipad & android)
☉ Birdwatching
☉ Shibashi and Yoga
☉ Health and Nutrition

Behind the Scenes

U3A Milton-Ulladulla Inc. is managed by a committee of office bearers and members elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The committee meets before the start of each U3A term. Terms coincide with school terms.

Each January an Enrolment Day is held in the Harry Higgs Room where enrolment fees are paid although they can be also paid anytime during the year to enable attendance of our courses.